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The WOW Award

This award went to developers who produced iconic, inspiring, and astonishing residential or commercial projects. It is given to eccentric developments which think unconventionally. These developments exhibit pure elegance and innovation.

The Skyline Award

This award honoured high-rise residential developments that offer a comprehensive and exciting lifestyle. They are developments that appeals to home buyers in terms of facilities, ambiance, security, uniqueness and innovation.

The Family-Friendly Award

This award is for developments that prioritise family. Equipped with family-friendly facilities, these projects are designed to be reliable with sufficient space to encourage communal living. They provide an amicable atmosphere for growing families.

The Neighbourhood Award

This prestigious award is given to boutique townships that measure under 500 acres and is closely-knit to offer seamlessly integrated lifestyle. All its residents live together harmoniously with amenities abundant nearby.

The Five Elements Award

For mammoth township developments spanning over 500 acres with designs that are well-blend together with the five essential elements of modern living: Security, Amenities, Connectivity, Education and Heath. Delivering wholesome living to its residents.

The Poseidon Award

The miraculous flow of water is the essence of this award. Developments adjacent to bodies of water, which offer a combination of modern living and nature’s tranquility will be up for this award.

The Earth-Conscious Award

This award went to developments that emphasized sustainability and prioritized the welfare of the environment while also promoting cohabitation with mother nature. The entries implemented environmentally-friendly elements into its planning, design and construction processes.

The Niche & Unique Award

This award honoured the finest boutique developments in the country. Their small yet unique take on construction caters to a niche market. These developments combine modern lifestyle and lush landscaping on an approximately 5-acre land.

The Just Walk Award

The winners in this category combined ‘Work, Play, Live & Learn’ all-in-one-place. These communities merge residential, commercial, office and diverse amenities within the neighbourhood’s walkability range. They’re well-designed and have a low carbon footprint.

The Starter Home Award

All developments in this category must be priced below RM500,000. They are affordable yet feature the best lifestyle amenities and project quality. These are a must-own for first-time home buyers.

The Best Touch & Feel Award

Exterior and interior space incorporated with innovative designs and materials of exceptional quality to ensure a functional yet aesthetically pleasing development. Developers in this category are applauded for their approach in beautifying their projects.

The Cornerstone Award

This award is given to uniquely built landed property developments that also prioritises the needs of buyers. Sitting in highly accessible locations, they offer exceptional amenities, furnishing and fittings to meet the residents criteria.

The small is BIG Award

With the built-up size of approximately 800 sq ft, these developments capitalise small space to create a minimalist approach. All these properties are equipped with state-of-art amenities and built-in furniture to optimise all available space.

The Safe and Sound Award

This award is given to developments that implement innovative security technologies to safeguard residents. These projects are designed with safety in mind, which includes the establishment of private security, guardhouses and other innovative features.

The Business Estate Award

Industrial developments that boast eco-friendly operations and their commitment to innovation are highlighted in this award. The developer’s use of space, design, layout, security and infrastructure is important to deciding the winners of this category.

The Happy Buyer Award

This award hails properties with a proven record of their increased value in the secondary market transactions compared to the base price from the developers. The project will be recognised for its excellent value creation.

The Long Life Award

The winning projects in this category are designed to offer comprehensive fitness and rejuvenation facilities for its residents. By blending the elements of nature with healthy living, these projects are geared towards health-conscious residents.

The Northern Star Award

This award is aimed at the best property developments from the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia. These developments are the best in region which blend of proximity, connectivity and creative living space well.

The Borneo Star Award

This award went to the best residential or commercial developments in East Malaysia that feature unparalleled visibility, convenience and accessibility. They intend to redefine the definition of home and living in East Malaysia.