StarProperty.my Awards

Since its inception in 2016, StarProperty.my Awards was held to commend the top developers in Malaysia. Their significant contributions in creating a progressive and modern nation by delivering sustainable, innovative and quality property products for the public were recognised through the prestigious event.

The StarProperty.my Awards 2017 has extended to the northern and southern Malaysia on its national event, which has eventually culminated its venture down to the southern peninsula, creating the first StarProperty.my Awards 2017: Jewels of Johor. Furthermore, the event has spread its influence to East Malaysia in StarProperty.my Awards 2018.

This year, a total of 21 award categories and two special All Star Awards were introduced to recognise a broader variety of property design elements to encourage the developers to break new grounds while continuing to provide sustainable housing developments to the public.

StarProperty.my Awards


  • The inauguration of StarProperty.my Awards

  • “We acknowledge that it is through your developments that city and township communities are being designed to become smarter, intelligent and more integrated.”
    - Star Media Group Bhd group managing director and chief executive officer Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai

  • 9 Award Categories + 1 All-Star Award: Top Ranked Developers

    •  The Cornerstone Award
    •  The Best Touch and Feel Award
    •  The Starter Home Award
    •  The Just-Walk Award
    •  The Niche and Unique Award
    •  The Earth Conscious Award
    •  The Five Elements Award
    •  The Family-Friendly Award
    •  The Wow Award
  • StarProperty.my Awards Night – A glittering and memorable night

  • StarProperty.my Awards Showcase – Bringing the noteworthy industry performers and projects to the forefront to raise the standards of the country’s property landscape.

  • The publication of the book “Rising To Prominence, Celebrating Malaysia’s Most Inspiring Property Developments”


  • Total of 17 award categories + 2 All-Star Awards: Top Ranked Developers + The Readers’ & Voters’ Choice Award

    8 NEW award categories were introduced

    •  The Readers’ & Voters’ Choice Award
    •  The Skyline Award
    •  The Small is BIG Award
    •  The Business Estate Award
    •  The Neighbourhood Award
    •  The Poseidon Award
    •  The Southern Star Award
    •  The Northern Star Award

    Special Mention: National Contribution

  • Readers’ & Voters’ Choice Award: Readers voting to support their favourite developer

  • StarProperty.my Awards Night – A monumental day for distinctive property developers

  • StarProperty.my Awards Night “Malaysia’s Most Exceptional Developments 2017/2018”

  • StarProperty.my Awards Showcase

  • StarProperty.my Awards 2017: Jewels of Johor

    StarProperty.my Awards’ first spin-off to celebrate the new growth centre in Malaysia – Johor.

  • The publication of the book “Johor’s Most Exceptional Developments: Jewels of Johor 2017/2018”


  • Total of 21 award categories + 2 All-Star Awards: Top Ranked Developers + The Readers’ & Voters’ Choice Award

    4 new award categories are added to recognise a broader variety of property design elements.

    •  The Happy Buyer Award
    •  The Borneo Star Award
    •  The Long Life Award
    •  The Safe and Sound Award
  • The Borneo Star Award – Entering its third year, StarProperty.my Awards extends its influence to the East Malaysia.

  • StarProperty.my Awards Night 2018

  • StarProperty.my Awards Showcase – at The Curve, Damansara Mutiara (Concourse Area), 10am – 10pm

  • Virtual Fair

  • Coming Soon: September – StarProperty.my Awards 2018: Jewels of Johor

Winning Developments
Excellent in Assessment


  •  Workmanship

  •  Durability

  •  Service

  •  Finishing

  •  Timely Delivery

Out-of-the-Box Mindset

  •  Project Design

  •  Layout

  •  Space Creation

  •  Marketing

Brand Reputation

  •  Market’s Perception

  •  Management Credibility

  •  Market Share

  •  Campaign Effectiveness

Product Value

  •  Sale price

  •  Environmental Impact

  •  Facilities

3Levels of Winners

  •  Excellent

  •  Honours

  •  Merit

  • The Memory of Victory  

The creation of life: A flower blooms

Elegant and smoothly curved, the trophy of StarProperty.my Awards was inspired by the form of a flower bud. Three transparent petals encircle the awards logo, forming a protective ring that symbolises a shelter for future generations.
The journey of budding, a metaphor for growth and expansion, begins from a small seed which then develops into a bud and eventually blossoms into a beautiful flower.

Petals of success

Each of the petals represents one key pillar of success – sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship. Together, these petals shape the early formation of a flower and represent the essence that drives and guides the company and industry to grow and flourish.

A thriving industry

The Chinese pronunciation of “Three” (三)is a homophonic to the word “Alive” (生). The three petals symbolised the vitality and vibrancy of the real estate industry.