Readers' Choice

Winston Churchill, former British Prime Minister and one of history's most inspirational statesmen, once said: "The price of greatness is responsibility."

This proclamation still rings true – even more so now, in this age of burgeoning populations and flourishing global trade.

Since the end of the last great world war, it has become customary for corporate entities around the world to transcend beyond pre-empting legislation by regulating their own activities in pursuit of lofty ideals – often at the cost of maximising profits.

Some companies engage in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities with the same passion applied in pursuit of greatness within their fields of operation – feeding the hungry and helping the needy – and many of these corporations do so with little expectation for recognition or praise.

StarProperty created the Readers' Choice Award to help bring to light the real estate brands that do more for humanity than merely developing properties.

The objective of the StarProperty Readers' Choice Award is to recognise and elevate the property developers that have gone above and beyond their primary roles as builders – those that place emphasis on customer service, the companies that have demonstrated a commitment to CSR – and most of all, the brands that engage, support, and serve the communities around them.

Since this Award is intended for the property developers that have the public's interest close at heart, StarProperty invites you – the reader and homeowner – to place one vote for your choice of the most inspiring developer and the top three (3) most voted developers will stand a chance to win this Award.

The next StarProperty Awards will showcase the debut of the Readers' Choice Award and the top three most voted developers will become known for more than simply building homes, shops, or offices – they will also come to be known for their efforts in service to humanity.

Voting opens 8th February and ends 28th February 2019 – so if you know of a property builder who deserves the recognition for their efforts outside of commerce and the bottom-line, cast your vote here and you could stand to win a shopping gift card worth RM100*

*Terms and conditions apply.